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Pfffft Evernote

For the past few weeks, Evernote has been touting something new and exciting about to happen.  For a minute, I thought it was a new Evernote book by Brett Kelly, because he was tweeting about getting that done, for about the same deadline.  But I thought, nah, they wouldn’t make such a big deal about a book.

Evernote was going to announce “Something that will change the way you interact with Evernote, and, maybe even, change how you think about Evernote.”  There’s was even going to be a real press conference, and you could win a spot at the big do in San Francisco.

I almost got excited (me being a diehard EN user, but who is stuck at version 3.1 because 3.5 is too crippled for me to use).  So, when the big day came, I actually tracked down the announcement, instead of waiting for it to pop up in my feed reader.

Wow, Evernote now has an app store.</sarcasm>  For apps that somehow work with Evernote.  Some of them I had already heard of.  Some of them I had actually tried.  They’re actually advertising one app that continually fails for me – every time I sync, it loses my notes.  To be fair, I tried out one of the new apps that I hadn’t heard of.  Well, I tried out the free version.  Whoa, the quality of that app was like something I would make – and I don’t even have the hardware to create iphone apps.  And really, if I’m in a list app, do I really need some kind of chiming noise every time I add a line?  I uninstalled that puppy within 10 minutes.

I thought I might be being a little harsh, you know, kind of like a jilted lover.  But based on the comments I’m seeing on the Evernote user forum, and on the announcement itself, I’m not the only person underwhelmed by the announcement and new functionality (which you can’t turn off by the way).  The Evernote staff seem happy that the tech blogs are writing about it, but you know, those crazy screwed up celebrities are always in the news, and I don’t see it really helping their cause.