Choosing the Right Gardening Sleeves

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Choosing the right gardening sleeves can keep your arms safe from cuts and scratches. They are also good for protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. They also offer protection from harmful bugs and poisonous plants.

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They come in different materials and sizes. A good sleeve should be lightweight, breathable, and durable. They should also have an SPF rating of at least 50.

Some arm protection sleeves have a built-in glove to protect your hands. They also have snug cuffs to prevent them from riding up. They protect your arms from cuts, scratches, and germs. They are available in different colors and styles.

One type of gardening sleeve is made of a stretchy material like cotton or neoprene. The sleeves are elastic to support your muscles and prevent your skin from drying out. These sleeves are ideal for pruning shrubs with thorns. They also work well for gardening tools that are known to blister your hands.

Another type of gardening sleeve is the cut-resistant sleeve. These sleeves are made from ATA(r) fibers, which can provide two times the cut resistance of Kevlar. They are also breathable and comfortable.

Some of the cut-resistant gardening sleeves have a thumb hole, but these holes are not designed to withstand sharp objects. Be sure to remove the sleeves carefully if they get stuck on an object. They are also great for blackberry bushes.

These are great for gardening, especially when you are using power tools. They protect your wrists and prevent chafing and serious wrist injuries.

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